croc A by-product of my endless trawling around charity shops and carboot sales is that I have quite a collection of ridiculous crockery.

I found this Intelligent Fungicides mug yesterday in Thetford. I like it because of the phrase “Intelligent fungicides” and because I’m vaguely curious, though not to the point where I want to Google it,  as to whether BASF is the same BASF who made my favourite audio cassettes back when home recording was killing music. Googling that would rob the mug of its mystery.

Most of all I like because it’s just so damned East Anglian. Most small towns in these parts have factories that make intelligent fungicides or game changing seed drills or next generation chicken feed.

I will add this to my collection along with the John Wayne souvenir plates and Welcome to Lowestoft bowls.

I’m 50 next year.  I will never hold a managerial position.  The lives of others should never be my sole responsibility.




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