I’ve been going to German flea markets for about 3 months now and have come up with a definitive top 3 list of things that I see sold at German flea markets that I don’t see being sold at British carboots


These photos are just a small selection of the many many bras you see at German – or specifically Bavarian – flea markets. The first stall you see as you enter the giant Munich Riem flea market by Messestadt Ost is huge stall selling brand new bras of all the colours under the sun. It looks like a giant bra rainbow.


Men’s magazines are everywhere at German flea markets. As is much much weirder stuff – including orgy sheets.


I think Bavaria, with the exception of  Munich, is a very rural area and in the past had a pretty earthy relationship with nature – and with death. You see a lot of animal skins and skulls and pelts and antlers at Munich flea markets. I’ve seen a fair a bit of taxidermy at English carboots but nowhere as much as you see in Bavaria.


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