These are some of the photos and pictures I found at a flea market. They were all bought together in two boxes from the same stall. The first box was mostly photographs of women though there were a few postcards of famous beautiful actresses. The second box was mostly very graphic erotica some of which looks like it had been cut from books or magazines. There were also some erotic and pornographic photos in the second box. I’m not going to post any of the stuff from the 2nd box that is either graphic or which are photos.

I don’t know if both boxes belonged to the same person. I’m assuming they did – because many of the photos in the first box are taken by someone who is deliberately objectifying his subject – and nothing objectifies a subject quite like pornography does. I don’t know that the two boxes were connected though.

I think some of the photos from the first box are excellent photos. I don’t know who these women are and probably never will, I don’t know who took the photos, I don’t know how they ended up in a flea market but any, or perhaps all, of the mystery that surrounds the unknowable aspects of these photos is intensified by the photographer seeming to have a voyeuristic instinct to objectify his subject. As somebody said on Twitter, after I posted the photo, the blonde who appears in a lot of these photos seems at time to be lost. Somebody else said they were a bit “murdery” and I think there is a bit of that too. I think they are, in a way, straying into the territory of Hitchcock or Powell’s Peeping Tom.

Or maybe they’re just some photos a bloke took of his wife.

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